Joy Peters is German Italo Disco star from mid 80's. His incredible good voice combined with the fantastic sounds by Axel Breitung from Silent Circle made him great star. Joy released only two songs, One Night In Love and Don't Lose Your Heart, but these songs are so great that there is no italo fan on the world who doesn't have both songs in his collection. Joy has a true and real voice, typical in some way for German production. Joy is also one of the synonymous for German Italo disco scene (arm to arm with Fancy, Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue,...) and he is for sure one of Germany's italo icon of the 80's.

Can you tell me who is Joy Peters ?
I was born in Vienna (Austria) and since more than 20 years I've been living in Berlin. I am a studied Opera Singer and Actor. In 1985 I was discovered by Axel Breitung (from Silent Circle) in Hannover while I was singing in a Disco doing my night club act, (singing and stand-up comedy).

How old were you when you started to sing for the first time ?
I was 16 years old when I startred my singing career, and I wanted to become a singer so much that I had quite a big fight with my father, but I was successful, and so my singing and acting career could begin.

Did you choose your name Joy Peters by yourself or someone gave you that artist name ?
The name Joy Peters was given to me by a very popular singer from England, because she said it is such a Joy to sing with me and she thought this was the right name for me.

I noticed in your songs some similiar 'musical elements' with some other German italo disco artists, for example with Silent Circle and Michael Bedford. I guess you have one man in common and that is Axel Breitung. Am I right?
Axel Breitung was indeed a very important man in my professional life. He gave me the first chance to become well-known in the business. Unfortunately our time together was quite short, only 5 Years and we did only 3 singles together, and one unreleased Album.

Tell me more about these songs ?
The two best known songs Don't Lose and One Night were written by Axel Breitung and he is also the background voice on both tracks, the third song Starchild is a co-production with the Greek singer Stina Papadopulu who unfortunately stopped singing after a very short career.

I guess, or better to say, I am sure you had great time in the studios while you were recording your songs. Atmosphere was so good, am I right ? You know Joy, good music, great voice, around you great musicians as you are.... can you tell me a bit more about days in Studios ?
You are right we had a very good time recording this songs, after all the time was quite stressy, most of the time I was on tour and had to come to the studio in a hurry to record the songs in very short times, most of the work was than already done and I just sang my parts and a few weeks later I was invited to listen to the complete song. We recorded the Album of 10 songs in one night. But it was never released, because there was trouble between my Manager and producer and the Record Company

Joy, why only two songs ? Can you tell me the reason why is that so ?
The reason why there are only two (3) songs is the problems between my producer and the Record Company. But I kept on working and singing and since then I released 5 CD Albums, beisdes you can hear my voice on very many musical productions.

You watched at italo disco scene in the 80's (you were part of it), so what do you think about it, then and from today's perspectives ?
Looking back on the Italo disco scene, where I was doubtless a part of I can only say that I was too young to understand what was going on with me and my career. And I was to depending on other people. But It was a great time and I had very many great and interesting experiances and I met a lot of very interesting people.

Did you know and had any contact with other german disco artists like Fancy, Modern Talking, Silent Circle etc. ?
Of course I had contact with many other italo disco artists and Fancy is one of my best friends. But you know in showbusiness people meet and say goodbye. Friendships are very rare. Silent Circle was the group of Axel and most of the songs I sang where originally written for Silent Circle. You can find information about them on many net pages.

When you relased your two hits you had concerts or some perfomances i guess. Please tell me more about it ?
Yes I had a lot of public performances with my songs and I still do. In 1987 I was invited to sing at the Singapoore Song festival and I also won a golden disco star for best Newcomer in 1985.

I have to go back on Axel Breitung again. A few weeks ago Modern Talking released their new album and on this album Axel is co-producer in four songs. Do you have any contact with him today ? Is there any chance for your comeback ? I think many many people would like that !
Unfortunately I am in the same position like you, because all the Information I get, about what Axel does today, do I get from reading CD Covers. I know that he has a brand new Studio in Hamburg now and he is the Main producer of DJ Bobo. I would like to talk about my comeback, so please send a million E-mails to Axel and make him remember me.

What do you do today Joy ? I saw mail which you sent to my friend Alen and you said you still singing, on cruise ships. Please Joy, tell me more about this side of your work ?
Nowadays I am singing most of the time in night clubs all over the world and on cruise ships. I worked as an actor in a few stage productions in Germany and Switzerland and I'm still recording right now I'm recording every night on an live Album. Funny enough again in Hannover were it all began.

What do yout think about today's disco scene in Europe ? Some artists made comeback like Bad Boys Blue, Modern Talking, Fancy also etc.
All in all I can say that music today is coming up again with good melodies and dancable tracks. But It is a pity that the most important thing today in Music Business is to have enough money to promote the artist no matter if he or she is a good singer as long as he or she is good looking. But maybe there is chance.

Thank you Joy for this great interview for me, i am sending you one big italo disco love from very big italo fan. Your music will never be forgotten, your songs will live in mine and in others heart and soul 'till the end of our lives and further :-) Bye and wish you everything best.

I would like to say many thanx to my great friend Alen Milkovic ( who gave me chance to speak with fantastic Italo disco star from Germany – Joy Peters !!! Thank you Alen so much !!!

© Zeljko Vujkovic - 2004